When it comes to providing a superior quality of equipment for Auto-Diagnosis, Test, and Maintenance, the name of Launch India pops-up. LAUNCH INDIA is the most trusted and well-known Authorized distributor of the LAUNCH Tech Co Ltd. Products in Indian Market. LAUNCH Tech Co Ltd. is the first high tech enterprise in China is dedicated to providing a solution for Auto-Diagnosis, Test, and Maintenance. LaunchIndia is based in Hyderabad and provides this high-class equipment all over the nation. Launch India supplies these Automotive Testing products, software, and service to all the Garages, Workshops and other related destination.

This device made their mark in the market due to their performance and efficiency. The self-Developed Auto-Diagnosis Product installed with in-house developed Operating Software has helped LAUNCH in its quest to achieve significant progress and recognition in the field of Automotive Testing. Launch India supplies fault diagnostic scanners, automotive Calibration equipment, Touchless Wheel Aligner, Auto Transmission Cleaner, Fluid Exchanger, Electro-hydraulic Lifts, and many more products that have helped professionals in the field of Vehicle Diagnostic Technology. These products of ours require low maintenance cost and are very durable and reliable. The service that we provide in regards to this product and backend service that our staff provides has helped us climb the ladder of success in this field. If you are in need of any of our products or you have any queries related to our products, feel free to contact us.

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x-431 PAD III                                 Scopebox

X-431 Pro                                    Sensorbox

X-431 Pro Lite                             Video Scope

Pilot Scan                                   Printer

x-431 PRO 3

x-431 HD III Heavy Duty

x-431 PAD III Products

Launch Products

Launch India Products